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Patriot Plan

Availability: Nationwide
Dentists: 7,800

Membership Fee
Individual: $99.95 per year
Family: $149.95 per year
The Patriot Plan was created to make DENTAL care affordable to more Americans. Patriot Plan helps you receive the dental care you need while saving you money. Your complete dental fee schedule is on average of up to 50% off usual and customary fees as compared with ADA regional survey averages. The Patriot Plan reduced fee-for-service dental program provides quality dental care at more than 6,500 participating dentists nationwide.

Plan Benefits and Highlights of Patriot Plan

  • No annual limits
  • Quick activation, start saving soon
  • No health restrictions
  • One Periodic Oral Examination FREE per year at participating general dentist *
  • FREE Bitewing X-Rays (once per year) at participating general dentist *
  • Orthodontia (orthodontics) included up to age 16
  • No referral required to see a Specialist
  • Group rates available

How Patriot Plan Can Save You Money

The Patriot Plan is a discount or "reduced-fee" dental plan. This plan is designed for health conscious consumers looking to maintain their oral health and minimize their dental care expenses.
General dentists and specialists who participate in the Patriot Plan have agreed to accept a discounted fee as payment in full for each service performed. These discounted fees are up to 50% less than what a dentist would normally charge. A sample table of Patriot Plan discounted fees can be found below.

Sample Discounted Fees and Savings

Procedure Description Usual Fee 1 Discounted Fee (for Plan Members) 2 Member Savings
Adult Teeth Cleaning (additional in same membership year) * $75 $37 $38
Child Teeth Cleaning (additional in same membership year) * $53 $26 $27
Protective Sealant / Tooth $43 $17 $26
1 Surface White Filling for U or L Front Tooth $121 $58 $63
Single Crown - Porcelain on High Noble Metal $867 $504 $363
Single Crown - Porcelain on Noble Metal $838 $473 $365
Core Build-Up With Pins $218 $105 $113
Root Canal Treatment - Front Tooth $542 $268 $274
Root Canal Treatment - Bicuspid $646 $323 $323
Root Canal Treatment - Molar $829 $404 $425
Perio Scaling and Root Planing (Per Quadrant) $208 $95 $113
Full Upper Denture $1,252 $588 $664
Tooth Replacement Part of Permanent Bridge $817 $473 $344
Single Tooth Removal - Surgical Extraction $123 $71 $52

The sample table above is a small selection of common procedures covered by the Patriot Plan. Once enrolled, you will be provided with a complete fee schedule with discounted fees for nearly every dental procedure. All procedures covered under the Patriot Plan offer similar savings to the sample above. If you are looking for a specific dental procedure that is not on this sample, please contact with the ADA Code of the procedure and we can provide the discounted fee.

Specialist Savings and Discounts of Patriot Plan

Patriot Plan members who visit a participating specialist receive services at unique discounted fees based on their specialty. This includes services at:

  • Orthodontists - braces
  • Periodontists - gums
  • Oral Surgeons - wisdom tooth or major extractions
  • Prosthodontists - bridges and dentures
  • Pediatric Dentists - child treatment
  • Endodontist - extensive root canals

What You Get When You Join Patriot Plan

When you join the Patriot Plan, your membership package materials are provided instantly online in the Member's Area. This online membership package (OMP) includes:

  • Your welcome letter and membership cards
  • A complete fee schedule with discounted fees on nearly every dental procedure
  • Instructions and tips for maximizing your savings
  • Support and contact documentation

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